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Law enforcement

Next to you, with the best technology for any operation.

Remote management Platform

Magnetic trackers

Vehicles trackers

Personal trackers

Gps Localization

GSM cells Localization

Investigative localization

Law enforcement investigation takes new approaches and new technologies to meet its challenge.

ISD Global answers this throughout the entire intelligence system with innovative products, solutions, and services, unparalleled know-how, and global market monitoring.




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Audio and Phones interception

Rooms interception

In-vehicles interception

Phones, smartphones, iphones, skype tapping

Recording and storage systems

Transmission systems

Live reception systems


Video in-vehicles capture

Recording and storage systems

Transmission systems

Live reception systems


Video interception

Passwords, e-maisl, internet

Data recovery from harddisks and other devices, pc, mac, tablets, smartphones, iphones




Telematics interception

Forensic service

Data analysis and recovery  SMS and deleted messages recovery

Pcs aquisition and analysis

Mobile devices aquisition and analysis

E-mailing servers analysis

Keywords recovery, email messages retrieving

Events, users activities, e-chatting, web communications, social networking, e-mailing re-enactment and analysis

Log analysis

i Windows, Linux and  OSX forensic analysis

IT forensic appraisal (CTU/CTP)

Consultancy to Law enforcement agencies during all the steps of: requisition, sequestration, evidence gathering for criminal trials.

Mobile operating station


Locks opening

h24  7x7, 365 d/y operating support on field

Fitting and hiding

Research and development

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