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Screen businesses and people 
Research hidden properties (off-shore countries included)
Corporate properties and share-holding
Identify trusts 
Discover registered addresses, offices seats, domiciles, phone numbers
Identify employers
Invistigate debtors
Identify buyers
Identify assets, investments and properties

Identify real estates, vehicles and it eventual mortgages and claims

Building lease infos
Identify legitimate heirs
Check degree of kinship, friendship and business relationships
Get cadastral infos 
Investigate marital property regime
Check qualifications for retirement, subsidies, welfare payments, aids
Inspections, data acquisition and recovery

Suppliers, debtors filing
pre-hiring investigationsi
Vehicles registries
Protect against your customers' bankruptacy, closures, insolvency
Banlance sheet with additional notes
Registry office certificates
Recover credits

Properties, revenues and financial investigations

No matter which ISD Global product you choose, you always get first-class service -- worldwide and 24 hours a day.

That's our ambition -- to provide the best possible service to customers at all times.






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Corporate investigations

Industrial counter-espionage
Investigate leaks 
Check partners and employess integrity 
Unfair competition
Justified dismissals
Money shortage in accounting
Data theft prevention and restorage
Investigate thefts and recover booties
Insurance frauds
Authorised infiltrations into enterprise organizations
Pre-hiring investigations 
Covered controls on enterprises and people
Fight against extortion attempts
Acquire legal evidences for lawsuits
Search for debtors, suppliers, witnesses
Inspections, documents and data acquisition
Investigate harassment, nuisance, intimidation, anonymous letters, threats

Private and families investigations

Marital infidelity
legal separations
Assessment, revision, check alimonies
Check real amount of properties and revenues
Check minors custody
Pre-investigate aspirant spouse
Investigate the integrity of nurses, baby-sitters, maids, caregivers and more
Keep under control teen-agers (drugs, relationships, alcohol, friends,...) 
Investigate against enticements and taking advantage of disabled people
privacy protection
Toxicological analysis
Search for disappeared and untraceable people
Persons identification
Investigate harassment, nuisance, intimidation, anonymous letters, threats

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