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Investigated information

Whenever you want to protect your business.
If you want to remove fraud risks or partners and customers defaults.
If you wish to check new customers, recover credits or assess your employees reliability.
Then, you need something more than simple commercial infos,
choose Investigated information by ISD Global.
  • Check the trustworthyness and the solvency ability of your corporate customers, suppliers, personnel and partners.

  • Track down people, assets, entreprises, financials.

  • Before starting empolyment, to check the indegrity of new potential workers, colleagues, partners.

  • Your first move, beforre strarting extensive investigations.

  • Essential to ensure legal notifications correctness.

customers, suppliers, partners, employees
Credit recovery
Public data

From A to Z, ISD Global is the single-source leader of investigated information for all industrial sectors.

Our best-in-class service and products are designed to perfectly match all of your requirements — and are enhanced by extensive consulting service and support.


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